Oliver Ranch Tours

Tours of the ranch are generally scheduled from April 15 to June 1 and September 15 to November 1 each year. Tours are given by donation. Visiting groups must donate a minimum to a non-profit group of their choice. The tour length is 2-3 hours and it covers approximately 2.5 miles with 600 feet of up and down elevation change. It can be likened to a light hike in the woods as the paths are unpaved. The tour is not wheelchair accessible and comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Individual cars are not admitted to the Ranch and the groups must arrive by bus. However, under very special circumstances if someone must drive his/her own vehicle, this vehicle must follow the bus so as to arrive at the same time as the group, not earlier, under any circumstances. The bus must have a portable restroom on board as there are no facilities at the ranch. If your bus does not have a restroom on board, we request that the group make a restroom stop just before Geyserville. A map to Oliver Ranch will be provided prior to the tour and is not provided for distribution, reproduction or publication.

For tour information or additional questions, please contact us.

Individuals not aligned with a specific non-profit may still gather a group to tour the ranch provided they select a non-profit to support before the tour is scheduled. It can be any non-profit as long as it is the beneficiary of the economics related to the tour. Individuals may also join an already scheduled group tour by contacting the tour organizer. Tour dates are posted approximately 2 months prior to the tour season. View the Fall 2018 tour schedule for tour contact information and availability.